1. Diigo: A Social Bookmarking Tool


A) What is Diigo?

Basically, it is a bookmark and it goes where we go (access them from any computer or mobile device) and we can share them with students, colleagues and others.In other words, it is a social bookmarking tool  for Internet users to organize, store, manage, and search for bookmarks of resources online.

B) How Diigo as the social bookmarking tool benefits in teaching and learning process Adapted from ( 

In fact, there are quite a number of features, to enhance the educators and students in the teaching and learning process. There are shown in the following:

  1. Diigo allows users to annotate webpages. Apart from letting the users to save a website title, description and to tag the website with relevant keywords like other social bookmarking website, Diigo  also lets users highlight portions of a webpage, or to add a virtual “sticky note” on the website. Hence, the annotations or explanations made are available to the entire network to help other users too.
  2. Diigo saves a screenshot of webpages. This can help users to recall how the page looked like previously, especially if the page was changed over time.
  3. Diigo users can create lists of websites. This helps users to organize their bookmarks within a topic.
  4. Diigo users can join groups of users. Users can join many different groups around a field or topic, and the group can be used to discover pertaining new bookmarks.
  5. Diigo bookmarks can be automatically exported to Delicious. Delicious is the social bookmarking that evolved before Diigo. When a Diigo user saves a bookmark, the title, notes and keyword tags can be saved in both Diigo and Delicious, so a user can be a part of both social networks.
  6. Diigo allows teachers to create and manage student accounts. As aforementioned, Diigo has many tools that aid in storing, documenting and recalling information. Many educators and students have found this to be useful for research and learning. Due to these reasons, Diigo has created Diigo Educator Accounts for the educators or teachers to manage a classroom social network. In the social community, the students are able to read the articles that their friends and teachers share to them.

C) Examples of The Features of Diigo (Adapted from :



The ‘Save’ Feature to Bookmark a Page



The ‘Highlight Pop-up Menu’ Allow The Users to Add Notes, Share or Delete Highlight


Sticky Note

Sticky Note to Allow Users to Write The Thoughts Anywhere on a Web Page

D) How to Use Diigo in a Research Group or Group Collaboration? Let’s see from the video 🙂


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