2. Facebook: A Social Networking Tool

As we know, the usage of Facebook is getting more and more widespread nowadays. Due to its ubiquitousness, connecting over 800 million people on a single platform, many educators are utilizing the Facebook’s social aspects and global reach creatively, to create a very powerful teaching tool. In fact, there are many useful Facebook groups are created to teach English and Geography to the students who are interested and willing to learn.

A) Teaching English Through British Council

For instance, from the English group found in Facebook such as Teaching English-British Council and Learning English Kids-British Council, students ranging from kids and adults can learn English in a fun and relaxed way. They are able to obtain the ways to learn English effectively from the articles provided in the webpage and also download all the relevant files, to learn certain area of English, say vocabularies. The examples are shown below:

  1. For Adults


Teaching English-British Council 


Information on How to Learn English More Effectively

2. For Kids


Learning English Kids-British Council


The Printed Materials That Can Be Downloaded From The Facebook For Kids’ English Learning

B) Teaching Geography Through Postcard Swapping

The Postcard Swapping is a platform to empower students to continue build relationship with people and organization they meet through postcard swapping. Interesting photos are mostly shared in P.E. Kids Going Global (Postcard Swapping) Group [https://www.facebook.com/PE-Kids-Going-Global-Postcard-Swapping-209600635717185/] and it is used as a platform for students to easily connect with new postcard swappers from another part of the world.


The Facebook Group for Postcard Swapping (https://www.facebook.com/PE-Kids-Going-Global-Postcard-Swapping-209600635717185/)

Besides that, Facebook also provides a feedback loop which is quite touching that can motivate the students as well as the global audience to learn better. The example is shown below:


The Feedback Loop

The Thanks giving upon Receiving The Postcard is shown below:


The Received of Postcard







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