6. Socrative: A New Media


Socrative Login Page 

1. What is ‘Socratic method’ to a teacher first of all?

According to the free dictionaries online, ‘Socratic’ means pedagogical technique in which a teacher does not give information directly but instead asks a series of questions,with the result that the student comes either to the desired knowledge by answering the questions or to a deeper awareness of the limits of knowledge.

Hence, this Socrative website is actually a website for the teacher to ask questions to the students. But, of course, they are more functions other than creating questions for the students. I will provide four benefits of using Socrative for instant engagement, as shown in the following:

a)  Instant Feedback 

Teacher can visualize student and whole class understanding in the moment. Student results can also be automatically analysed and tabulated in percentages on the teacher’s screen as soon as they submit answers to multiple choice, true/false, graded short answer, or open-response questions.

feedback 2.png

Feedback Given by The Teacher

b) Personalized Content 

Teacher can design and edit his or her own library of assessments and share them within his or her personal learning network. Even can tag them by Common Core standards.


Personalized Management by the Teacher

c) Reports

Teacher can review student understanding in a variety of report types: whole class overview, student-specific results, or question-by-question breakdown. All the reports can be downloaded, emailed, or delivered to the teacher’s Google Drive folder at any time. They’re also always accessible in the teacher’s reports section of Socrative.

Report 2.png

Reports For Teachers’ Evaluation

d) Compatibility

Socrative is available on iOS Apps, Android Apps, Chrome Apps, Kindle Apps, Windows Apps, and all web browsers making it accessible in all educational technology setting



As shown below is the video on how the teacher can use the Socrative website effectively:

Video on How to Use Socrative Website

Hence, Socrative is beneficial for both teachers and students as they can use any devices to access to the website. However, it is more useful for the teachers to create questions, provide feedback, assess and evaluate the students’ performance. It’s really cool 🙂


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