2. My Second Reflection on 10th March

I remember the lesson on this day is conducted by Dr. Nora. In fact, this lesson is the extension from last week’s lesson which is on new media. As mentioned earlier, social media is part of new media whereby digital interaction takes place. It is the platform whereby people share, comment and interact with each other.

At the beginning of the lesson, Dr. Nora required us to work in pair. Then, each pair needs to come out with the Powerpoint slides and present on one selected social media of its benefits in teaching and learning in the classroom. At the end of the day, there are six pairs with six different social media presented namely Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Visual Ranking Tool, Pinterest and Storybird. For this, my partner, Stephanie and I have chosen Instagram as our teaching and learning tool. We plan to teach the Wh- questions to the students by using Instagram. hahaha…Isn’t it interesting?

Hence, below is the summary of the six social media concluded by our fellow friends and Dr. Nora: 

social media

1. Facebook – Facebook group can be utilized, social learning theory can be incorporated and the lecturer as the moderator or facilitator.

2. Youtube – Flipped classroom strategy whereby students can watch the video before                entering the class then they do collaborative learning activities in the classroom.

3. Instagram – Used to teach simple writing, use #hashtag to represent a certain                          category, provide follow up activities or homework and provide peer learning                            environment.

4. Visual Learning Tool – Used to compose a mind map in collaborative learning,                          students can be asked to make a comparison using this tool that can enhance their                Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

5. Pinterest– Used for visual learning, creating picture according to theme and finding              information from Pinterest and developing creative learning.

6. Storybird – Used to teach writing in a collaborative way, teacher can introduce new                vocabularies and it’s is fun and interesting to engage students in learning writing.

That’s all for the lesson 🙂 Looking forward to the next one 🙂

Thank you 🙂


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