4. My Fourth Reflection on 31 March

This day is our last lesson before the mid semester break 🙂 I remember this class is conducted by Dr. Nora. On this day, we are required to comment and provide feedback for our group project’s first draft. So, each group analysed, commented and presented on the limitation of other group’s first draft. After each group has presented their ideas on improving the draft, Dr. Nora provided her comments as well for the particular group to think and improvise on their initial draft.

For our group, we need quite a number of improvisation too.This is because we are lacking of problem statement, the aspects of learning process that need to be improved, the learning objective of using Padlet and the feasibility of our project objective.


Hence, after the class, my group discussed in our Whatsapp group and collaboratively work together  in Google Docs to compose and edit the write-up proposal. Below are what the details that we added on for our revised version:

 1. Problem Statement:

  • Students have difficulties to get the main idea from the title of essay of given.
  • Students have difficulties to give full cooperation in a group activity.
  • Students nowadays who are technology savvy have less attention span in a traditional classroom.

 2. The Aspects of Learning Process that Need to Be Improved:

  • Generating ideas using brainstorming method.
  • Learning to compose the framework of an essay given in a collaborative manner.
  • The short attention and retention span of the knowledge learnt.

 3. The learning objectives of using Padlet:

  • Able to generate the framework of an essay appropriately using Padlet.
  • Able to state the four main ideas of the title of the essay given.
  • Able to prepare at least six supporting details for the framework of the essay.

  4. The feasibility of our project objective: 

  • Yes, our group member, Kak Mastina did a pilot test to try the teaching and learning tool, Padlet on her students and it works.

Here, I would like to thank our friends and Dr. Nora’s feedback so that we can improve       on our first draft and proceed with the write-up proposal 🙂


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