My Sixth Reflection on 12 May

Today, our class is conducted by Dr. Noor Dayana. Our topic for today’s lesson is ‘Ethics and Issues Related in Social Media’. In this lesson, we are required to read as much as possible on the ethics and issues in  social media and then each of us needs to share what we have read to all of our classmates.

Hence, I would like to give some brief understanding of mine for our lesson in the following:

Got ethics


1. What is ethics?

In fact, there are quite a number of answers for the word ‘ethics’. For example, they can be moral, knowing how to differentiate between the right and the wrong, the standard rules and regulation set by a certain authorities and so forth.


2. What it takes to be ethical in new media or social media?

It is one’s responsibilities towards society including setting professional standards when applying information such as accuracy, objectivity and privacy of their reporting.


3. The examples of being ethical in Accuracy, Objectivity and Privacy  of their reporting

a) The example of Accuracy is that the reporters who share their news in the social media ought to report and spread the accurate news that will not cause social disruption. If not, people will get frustrated or feel like being cheated if they react upon the fake news. Besides that, they should have predicted that the societal intervention will be made by certain individual or authorities towards their action.

b) The example of Objectivity is that the authors or the journalists who share their written news via virtual platform should express their ideas in a diverse point of view so that the readers will not see any prejudice of the authors towards any groups or parties. Moreover, the authors or journalists ought to allow the audience to react to their ideas in different point of views as well especially in our democratic country. In doing so, the peace and harmony in our country can be remained.

c) The example of Privacy is the exposed of the personal information of the social media users like telephone number, home address, check-in places, date of birth and etc. If some syndicate or culprits obtain this information, they will utilize these information to involve in some immoral activities such as hacking the bank account, generating fake information based on the private information of an individual and etc. Hence, it is advisable to be reserved in  some of our important personal details so that we are not exposed to such dangers.


All in all, possessing ethical codes is tremendously vital in our life, not only in social media. With good ethics, we will be more considerate towards others and beware of each and every action that we are going to commit; with this too, our society will be a better place for us to live. Therefore, as good citizens, we should always carry this value wherever we go.

That’s all for the lesson. Thanks for reading 🙂

Thanks, Dr Noor Dayana and Dr. Nora for teaching us 🙂 All the best 😀


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